Welcome to the Beach Blanket Bohemia


where traditional comforts and modern styling fuse…

Your hosts and owners Rui Jorge Do Rosario and Alec Grove invite you to a dining experience second to none with the kind of legendary hospitality that will keep you coming back for more. The menu is Mediterranean based, using the freshest and most wholesome ingredients with a hint of the contemporary to excite even the most desiring “foodies” palate. The mantra here is: old meets new in perfect balance and harmony.

The formal dining area for those romantic evenings or business lunches is set off by its sophisticated surroundings: crystal cut chandeliers and a decadent fireplace.

Or if you just wish to soak up the rays on the sun-filled terrace area while watching the world go by, you are encouraged to relax and enjoy yourself. The bar area offers a social lounge where in the evenings you can enjoy the laid-back sounds of a live DJ or live musicians from the comfort of your arm chair.

We serve breakfast, light meals, lunch and dinner, not to forget the delightful desserts and cakes. Who could say no? With a fully comprehensive wine list including a selection of international wines, all is catered for. The exclusively classic cocktail menu offers the all-time favourites made to utter perfection. The service is courteous – all staff are effective and are trained to meet a high standard with an in-depth menu knowledge to ensure a satisfying all-round experience. And for those ever needed functions – whether you want a private or corporate function, large or small – all needs will be tastefully met. Centrally located in the beautiful new Sunninghill Village Centre, Beach Blanket Bohemia is a must for those of you seeking a new take on the traditional dining experience.

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Our Menu


Served until (let’s be reasonable)
All our eggs are from grain fed chickens & are free from fish meal & animal products

Health Porridge

Oats served with bananas + whole berry sauce + drizzled with honey

Seasonal Fruit & Plain Yoghurt

Served with honey OR golden syrup

Mixed Muesli & Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad with Plain Yoghurt

Served with honey OR golden syrup

Vegetarian Stack

Sweetcorn fritters + smashed avo + mushroom + basil pesto oil

Flapjack Bars

Nutella + Hazelnut + Syrup

Caramelised banana + vanilla créme fraîche (cultured cream) + maple syrup

Banana Bread French Toast

Fior di latte + whole berry sauce + orange zest


2 Poached eggs + toasted English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce – Choice between Bacon OR Salmon

Turkish Eggs

2 Tumeric eggs + hummus + cucumber, pepper, tomato salsa + pesto + pita

The following breakfasts are served with toast (rye | seeded health | white | sour dough)


Scrambled eggs + smoked salmon trout + chives

Avo + chilli + feta + coriander

Emmental cheese + ham

Buenos Dias

Egg + bacon + grilled tomato

Beach Blanket Breakfast

2 Eggs + bacon + beef sausage + grilled tomato + mushrooms + sweetcorn + zucchini fritter

The Med

Grilled halloumi + bacon + avocado + rocket + poached egg + sundried tomato pesto

House Omelette

3 Egg omelette + ham + mushrooms + rosa tomatoes + caramelised onions + cheddar

Green Omelette

Baby spinach + brocolli + avo + zucchini + spring onion + feta


Egg | Tomato | Onion | Nuts
Cheese | Avo | Artichokes | Mushrooms | Spinach
Sausage | Chouriço | Bacon
Parma ham | Salmon (80g)



Roast vegetables + crispy baby leaf lettuce + goats cheese

Roasted Tomato Caprese

Fresh basil + buffalo mozzarella

Bacon & Blue Cheese

Croutons + crispy baby leaf lettuce + rosa tomatoes
(Avocado optional)


Poached egg + cos lettuce + rosa tomatoes + croutons + parmesan shavings + delicious Caesar dressing
(Chicken OR Bacon optional)

Grilled Chicken

Parmesan shavings + crispy baby leaf lettuce + rosa tomatoes + pine nuts + basil oil
(Avocado optional)

Tuna Salad

Tuna + rocket + lettuce + roast peppers + corn + cucumber + carrot + kalamata olives + basil mayo + avocado toast

Smoked Salmon

Crispy baby leaf lettuce + rosa tomatoes + avocado + onions + capers + cream cheese

Chrispy Chicken Liver Salad

Lightly crumbed chicken livers + crispy baby leaf lettuce + tomato + carrot + spring onion + herb yoghurt dressing


All sandwiches served until 4pm
Served on your choice of sour loaf | seeded health | rye | short | french bread w
ith a small side order of chips OR salad

Triple Cheese

Chicken Melt

Sun-dried tomato spread + mozzarella + pesto

Croque Madame

Continental ham + emmental cheese + white sauce + free range egg + sour dough bread

Cheese, Tomato & Ham

Chicken Mayo

Spicy Mince & Egg

Tuna Mayonnaise

Bacon, Cheese & Guacamole

Open Avo Toast & Cottage Cheese + Rosa Tomato



Marinated olives

Pan Con Tomate

Rustic bread + vine ripe tomatoes + garlic infused olive oil + sea salt

Pesto Pomodoro Flat Bread

Soup of the Day

Please ask your waiter

Stacked Brinjals

Oven baked spinach & ricotta + home made napolitana sauce

Haloumi Cheese

Grilled OR Fried – sweet chilli sauce + lemon wedge

Beef Carpaccio

Marinated in lemon juice & olive oil + fresh rocket + capers + parmesan shavings

Famous Spicy Creamy Chicken Livers

Served with bruschetta

Salmon Cakes

Served on wilted spinach + chive crème fraiche

Salmon Tartar

Infused with rosemary oil + capers + red onion + aioli + toast

Grilled OR Fried Calamari

Rocket + coriander aioli OR chills lime dressing

(Calamari and Squid heads optional)


Creamy wild mushroom + garlic + parsley served on brie topped crostini

Buffalo Wings

BBQ chicken wings OR chilli chicken wings


Marinated king prawns

Peri Peri Chicken Strips

Lightly grilled chicken strips + spicy peri-peri sauce + bruschetta

Zucchini Fries

Fried zucchini strips + aioli

Baked Camembert

Baked camembert + honey + pecan nut

Our Favourites

Served with a side order of potato fries | sweet potato fries | rice | vegetables | salad

Brazilian Hotdog

Caramelised onion + tomato + chilli + baguette


150g Scotch fillet OR Chicken – cooked to perfection

Beer Battered Hake

Served with tartar sauce + coleslaw

Classic Burger

220g Beef burger patty, topped with cheese & served with our mustard mayonnaise + onion rings

Double chicken patties, topped with cheese + onion rings

Big B Burger

220g pure beef patty + bacon + cheese + mushroom sauce + onion rings

Karoo Lamb Burger

Topped with brinjals + Danish feta + fresh rocket + tzatziki

Tequila Lime Chicken Burger

Guacamole + chipotle mayo + jalapeños + bacon +cheese

Open Pita

Lamb OR Lentil + hummus + cucumber, pepper, tomato salsa + tzatziki


Toasted tortilla with mozzarella base, served with a small side order of chips OR salad


Steak + jalapeño + caramelised onions + tomato salsa

Roast Vegetable

Marinated brinjal + roasted peppers + baby marrows + caramelised onion + basil mayo

Spicy Chicken

Spicy chicken breast + green pepper + onion + peppadew + sour cream

Chouriço & Mushroom

Chouriço + mushrooms + kalamata olives + tomato + guacamole + salsa


Spinach + avo + pesto + cottage cheese + baby spinach


Your choice of penne, spaghetti or linguini
(option to add zucchini noodles)

Spanish Pasta

Chourico + olives + napolitana + red pepper + cheddar + avo

Mediterranean Vegetable

Cooked in a napolitana sauce topped with mozzarella balls + fresh basil

Salmon & Rosemary

Rosa tomatoes sautéed with baby spinach + asparagus + créme fraîche


Calamari + mussels + prawns in a creamy white wine, garlic & paprika sauce

Spicy Chicken Bacon

Cooked in baby marrow + mild chilli + rosa tomatoes + spinach


Spring onions + mushrooms + rosa tomatoes in a creamy white wine & garlic sauce


Slow roasted lamb in a rich white wine + tomato & onion sauce


Halloumi cheese + rosa tomatoes + garlic + lemon juice & a dash of olive oil

Bacon & Blue Cheese

Baby marrow + creamy sun dried tomato sauce

Prawn Pasta

Prawns + basil pesto + cherry tomatoes

Creamy Chicken & Saffron Spice

With a touch of chilli + garlic + mint


All our pizzas are made with a thin fresh tomato & mozzarella base


With fresh basil leaves

Goats Cheese

Oven roasted Mediterranean vegetables + red onion + olives + fresh basil

Macaroni & Cheese

Chilli mayo + coriander

Biltong, Cheddar & Peppadew

Italian Smoked Mountain Ham

Coppa + gorgonzola + fresh rocket

Bacon, Feta & Avo


Thinly sliced cured Italian ham + rosa tomatoes + fresh rocket

Cooked Italian Ham

Mushrooms + garlic + olives


Roasted red peppers + caramelised onion + chilli + garlic + fresh oregano

Spicy Southern Italian Salami

Red onions + olives + mushrooms + fresh rocket


Glazed beef fillet in a balsamic reduction + peppadews + feta + fresh rocket


Spicy mince + green peppers + onions + chilli

Spicy Chicken

Onions + green peppers + peppadews + avocado

‘B’ Cubed

Ham + bacon + rocket + rosa tomatoes + avo + mustard basil mayo

‘B’ Flat

Baby marrow + olives + jalapeño + feta artichokes + red pepper + pistachio nuts + roasted garlic + basil pesto base


Calamri in our mild peri=peri sauce + bacon + lemon



Served with cream OR ice cream

Affogato (drowned in coffee)

Italian homemade vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of frangelico espresso coffee & biscotti

Crème Brûlée

Main Course

Served with a side order of potato fries | sweet potato fries | rice | vegetables | salad


Grilled OR Fried – Served with a choice of lemon butter or tartar sauce

Prawns Naçional

6  OR 12 King prawns served in creamy beer + peri-peri + garlic sauce

Grilled Chicken

Whole OR Half. Marinated in a peri-peri OR a lemon & herb sauce – Flame grilled to perfection

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel

Topped with pesto + diced cherry tomato + fresh basil

Chicken Breast

Stuffed with spinach & goats cheese + creamy parmesan & beer sauce + crispy bacon

Portuguese Steak

300g rump steak pan fried in a white wine & garlic sauce & topped with a fried egg


Grilled to perfection with herbs & served with garlic butter

Served with recommended side order

Grilled Salmon

Wrapped in parma ham served on a bed of spinach + lentils

Mozambican Prawn Curry

Prawns prepared in a curry infused coconut cream served with rice + sambles


Traditional Spanish recipe with saffron spice + sherry – Served on our homemade mash

Lamb Chops

Marinated in olive oil + rosemary – Grilled to your liking. Served on baby crushed potatoes + fresh rocket + parmesan shavings.

Braised Lamb Shank

Slow cooked in wine + lemon wedges + thyme – Served with caramelised baby onions + leak infused mashed potatoes


Chicken + chouriço + spring peas + pimento + saffron rice

Calamari + shrimp + mussels + spring peas + pimento + saffron rice

A La Plancha

From the Grill. All meat dishes are served with a side order of your choice.
All cuts available as either salt flake & olive oil grilled or BBQ basted. Please inform waiter of choice.

Fillet (260g)

21 Day aged rump (300g)

Marinated pork ribs (500g OR 1kg)

BBQ beef ribs (500g OR 1kg)


Creamy brandy & peppercorn
Creamy blue cheese
Creamy Dijon mustard
Creamy jalapeño, mushroom & peppadew
Creamy mushroom

Speciality Sides

Sautéed baby marrow with garlic and olive oil
Spinach & Lentils
Baby crushed potatoes
Crispy onion rings
Sweet potato fries
Parmesan truffle fries


Hot Drinks

Cappuccino (regular)
Cappuccino (large)
Espresso (single)
Espresso (double)
Café Mocha
Hot Chocolate
Red Espresso Cappuccino
Five Roses
Toni Glass Selection
(Please ask your waiter for the selection)

Soft Drinks

Water (small)
Still or Sparkling
Water (large)
Still or Sparkling
Tizer Bottles
Appletiser, Red Grapetiser, White Grapetiser
Cans 330ml
Coke, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Stoney, Tab, Creme Soda
Toni Glass Ice Tea
Berry Baobab
Lemongrass, coconut and ginger
Kiwi, cumber and mint
Sugar Free
Sweet apple and gooseberry
Litchi and lime
Mulberry and marula
Cranberry, Strawberry, Orange, Mango
Freshly Squeezed
Apple, Carrot, Orange, Beetroot, Pineapple, Seasonal Fruit


Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee, Lime, Bubble Gum, Banana
Decadent Shakes
Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Toffee
Mint and Chocolate, Banana Split, Lemon, Fruiata


Coffee Freezo
Nutty Nice
Banana, peanut butter & honey
Green Spinner
Banana, apple, pineapple, baby spinach and strawberry
Granola, plain yoghurt, banana & honey
Lemon Berry
Mixed Berries, apple & lemon
Hippy Shake
Pineapple, passion fruit, mango, pomegranate juice, banana
Orange, bananas and strawberry
Berries, passion fruit, strawberries, banana & apple juice

Classic Long

Strawberry Daiquiri
Havana Club Rum blended with fresh lime, strawberry extracts and puree
Pina Colada
Havana Club Rum shaken cold with coconut extracts, fresh cream and pineapple juice. Served frozen and shaken
Long Island Ice Tea
The usual suspects shaken cold with fresh lemon, strained over cubed ice with your choice of…
Coke, Cranberry, Red Bull
Harvey Wallbanger
Named after a Californian Surfer who loved Galliano. Absolut Blue Vodka chilled orange juice built tall with ice and topped with Galliano
Classic Martini
Your choice of Absolut Vodka or Beefeater Gin. Shaken or stirred, dry or extra dry, created with vision of perfection and topped with your choice of a citrus twist or a cocktail olive

Classic Short

Absolute Blue Vodka shaken cold with Triple Sec, fresh lime and cranberry juice. Flamed with orange zest. Have it classic or with a sweet watermelon twist
Olmecas edicion black tequila, triple sec with freshly squeezed lime. Shaken or frozen and served with a salted rim
Lime wedges muddled with raw sugar cane syrup and Caçhaca. The authentic taste of Brazil
The original Cuban Mojito made with Havana Club 3 year old rum, muddled with fresh mint leaves and lime wedges topped with crushed ice and a splash of Soda


Brutal Fruit Strawberry
Dragon Fiery Ginger
Flying Fish Lemon
Red Square
Dry, Extreme, Gold
Dry, Light
Guarana, Spin, Storm


Becks Non-alcoholic
Millers Genuine Draft
Pilsner Urquell
Stella Artois
Lager, Light, Draft

Speciality & Craft Beer

Fransen Street Irish Red
Fransen Street Cream Ale
Fransen Street Krystal Weiss
Fransen Street Taster
3 x 150ml
CBC Pilsner
CBC Amber Weiss

Great for Groups

BJJ – Bohemian Beach Jar
Vodka, Havana Club Rum, Gin, Triple Sec, Apple Sours, Blue Curaçao & Lemonade
Mojo Jam Jar
Vodka, Mojo Spirits & Lemonade

Frozen Drinks

Mango mania
A perfect infusion of Spiced Gold, fresh frozen mango, passion fruit and banana. Decorated with a strawberry liqueur
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
A blend of liqueurs, Absolut Blue Vodka and orange juice to create a smooth sensation and variation of flavours to tingle your taste buds “The rainbow cocktail”
Corona Margarita
Traditional frozen margarita with an upside down Corona

House Wines

Big Oak Red 
Clear, medium ruby colour, subtle aromas of plum, red apple and vanilla; dry and medium boiled with pleasant flavours of red plum, black pepper and sweet oak
Berry Bush Rosé
Pale salmon pink / onion skin colour with floral, strawberry, cherry and citrus notes
Pear Tree White
Brilliant pale straw with green and gold glints and a burst of tropical pineapple, passion fruit and honey melon tinged with yellow peach and zesty orange blossom

White Wines

Stone Town
With the combination of wet and dry grass, gooseberries, and pistachios, this wine from Darling, South Africa offers a true regional expression plus all around quality
Paul Cluver
The colour is clear and bright, with a hint of green with expressive granadilla, elderberry, gooseberry and black currant characteristics
Fat Bastard
Zesty, herbaceous and stony.
Ken Forrester Reserve
A mixture of tropical fruit and a hint of grass aromas with tangy pineapple
Springfield Life From Stone
Fresh, aromatic sauvignon with a mineral core that comes from the quartz in the soil on this lovely family property in Robertson

Diemersdal Unwooded
Spicy aromas with fresh fruit flavours, nuance of limes on the palate combine to offer you a delicious, flavourful wine with a creamy taste and lingering aftertaste
Fat Bastard
Round in the mouth with white flower aromas and a long, toasty finish
Glen Carlou
Green fruit with nutty, butterscotch notes and hints of toffee spice, subtle melon and citrus
Peach, nectarine and honeysuckle aromas mingle with melon

Ken forrester petit
Green apple, fresh ripe melon with mellow, round and mild honeysuckle fruit
A light crisp, elegant dry wine that is fruit driven and juicy. It’s unwooded and refreshing with lovely guava and melon flavours

White Blends

Buiten Blanc
A light yet very fruity palate of gooseberry, green melon and hints of green pepper make this a great everyday white wine to enjoy.
Boschendal Boschen Blanc
Vibrant citrus infused with some pear drop sweetness. A hint of honeysuckle, finishing with a balanced elegance.
Pierre Jourdan Tranquille
Light peach notes with a dry finish
Haute-Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Healthy fruit intensity with a slight crisp acidity and a long lasting finish


Boschendal blanc de noir
Delicious, elegant aroma’s and flavours of red cherry and strawberry
Ken Forrester Petit Rose
A bright salmon tinted dry Rosé wine with aromas of freshly picked strawberries and maraschino cherries

Red Wines

Ken Forrester Pat’s Garden
Hints of cherries and mint with meat-spice and smoky undertones
Bright black- and blueberry aromas with cocoa, turned earth, mulberry and cherry vivacity on the nose – sweet and ripe
Intense dark brambly fruit, mulberry, liquorice and damson plum with hints of dark chocolate and spice
Blackberry and dried fruit aromas along with spicy undertones

Dark cherries, cassis and a certain savoury saltiness, the wine has a lingering finish with clean silky tannins and a touch of oak sweetness
Ruby red with rich layers of dark fruit aromas followed by subtle nuances of cassis and mint
Berry flavours with undertones of dark chocolate

Gentle cherry, plum and black fruit aromas mingle with a light spice aroma
White pepper, floral and spicy, this wine is made to impress and will most definitely not disappoint
The wine has a brilliant deep garnet color with a floral undertone, cloves and vanilla, slight hints of fruits and spices

Dark fruit and red cherry flavours and hints of oak aroma’s
Raspberries,mocha-toffee and a hint of banana

Red Blends

Terra Del Capo Sangiovese
Strawberry jam, prunes, dried cherry and raspberry with an earthy meatiness.
Rupert & Rothschild Classique
Inviting cranberry and raspberry aromas with an earthy, mineral focus and a lingering cinnamon and walnut finish
The Chocolate Block
Bursts with raspberries, allspice and a grapefruit-cool-climate-Syrah typicity underscored by darkfruit and floral incense
Summer berry aroma’s complemented by smoky, spicy oak flavours
Meerlust Rubicon
Very deep, youthful colour, and intense almost purple hue. A typical liquorice note also evident on the nose
Syrah blend with Grenache, Mourvèdre and a dollop of Viognier. Aromas of bright, spicy notes initially there’s lots of dark plummy fruit too, deftly underpinned by subtle oak spice.
Anthonij Rupert Optima
Alluring spicy aromatic overlay to dark berry and plum fruit with blackcurrant leaf and hint of cracked black pepper
Babylonstoren Babel
This dry full-bodied red wine is a fusion of black currant and spice with a hint of chocolate with sweet tobacco and fynbos


Moët & Chandon 
Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV
Moet & Chandon Rosé Imperial NV
Veuve Cliquot 
Veuve Cliquot Rosé
Veuve Cliquot Brut Yellow Label
Pongrácz Brut
Pongrácz Rosé
Graham Beck Brut Rosé 
Pierre Jourdan Brut 375ml


Contact us

Find us in Sunninghill at the Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre
Corner Maxwell Drive and Edison Crescent.
(Right near Eskom) See the map below.

Call (011) 234 2714 or alternatively you can e-mail Rui Jorge Do Rosario